Why Lovett Miller

CEO Testimonials

Employease, Inc.

Provides leading on-demand HR and benefit administration solutions (NYSE: ADP).

Phil Fauver, President & CEO of Employease, writes "Scott Miller was a particularly helpful investment partner for Employease. The company benefitted from his experience and contacts in the human resource software and business process outsourcing markets when it was developing its BPO service offering. Specifically, Scott helped us avoid a very capital intensive approach to the market and helped us formulate a high return on capital BPO stratgey that ended up being an important, fast growing segment of our business.

"Scott and Rad are independent thinkers and bring a long term orientation to company building. Employease found then to be very accessible and decisive. We benefited greatly from their insight, and I highly recommend them as partners."


360 Commerce, Inc.

Provides point of sale, inventory, returns, and workforce management solutions for multi-channel retailers (NASDAQ: ORCL).

Charley Boyd, President & CEO of 360Commerce, states "Scott Miller encouraged management and the other institutional shareholders to start the process of achieving shareholder liquidity at a time when it was not clear to everyone at the table at what rate the retail technology industry would consolidate. The timing and persuasiveness of his efforts were important in the process of 360Commerce achieving its goals at time of exit. We highly recommend the Lovett Miller team as supportive partners. They helped guide the company, including presenting industry-leading candidates as potential outside board of directors members. Some of these candidates were also used as independent advisors on business and technology strategy."

Jerry Rightmer, Chief Technology Officer, states "Lovett Miller's strong network of retail and technology contacts were very beneficial to 360Commerce. For example, the firm's relationship with the CIO and Vice President of Technology at The Home Depot enabled Lovett Miller to quickly get up to speed in the initial due diligence process and validate the value of our store solutions. This helped our initial closing take place efficiently."