Firm Overview

Investment Criteria

Lovett Miller & Co. actively seeks to make $3 to $10 million investments in privately-held companies experiencing high growth in their respective industry segments. The firm provides expansion capital as well as capital for shareholder liquidity. The firm's approach is to invest in companies that have a product or service edge, which will enable them to become industry leaders. Typical characteristics of a Lovett Miller & Co. investment include the following:

Stage of development: Lovett Miller & Co. primarily invests in companies that have proven customer acceptance of their product or service. Companies typically have run-rate revenues of between $1 million and $50 million at the time of the firm's initial investment. Approximately one-half of the companies are already profitable at the time of initial investment.

Industries: The firm has experience and contacts in a diverse range of industries such as Technology products and services; Healthcare services and devices; Business Services; Consumer and retail companies; and Financial Services firms.

Market Size and Growth Rate: Lovett Miller & Co. prefers to invest in companies that serve large and growing national or international markets.

Location: Lovett Miller & Co. primarily invests in companies domiciled in the Southeastern United States and Texas.

Management: The firm works with talented entrepreneurs and business executives capable of driving significant growth over a three to seven year timeframe. These management teams value the business and financial insights that Lovett Miller & Co. provides.

Use of Proceeds: The firm provides expansion capital and capital for shareholder liquidity. Shareholder liquidity investments are made solely in profitable companies.

Lead Investor: The firm prefers to be the lead investor in the first round of institutional capital for a company. Lovett Miller & Co. has been a lead investor and provided the first round of institutional investment in a majority of the investments in which a Lovett Miller & Co. investment professional played a principal role. Lovett Miller & Co. is also willing to be a co-investor and participate in subsequent rounds of equity capital.

Minority interest: Lovett Miller & Co. focuses primarily on investment positions that own less than 50% ownership.

Board of Directors: Lovett Miller & Co. is represented at the board of director's level in its investments.